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Automated Capital (PAMM)


Automated capital equity protector & recovery mode.

We have set algorithms for each pairs and time frames. They’re designed to look at the markets a certain way.

Now when things go south, equity protector is set at 30% drawdown.

Once 30% drawdown takes place. The system will trigger and automatically take out certain trades (The worst trades) which takes out a certain % of the drawdown - not all the trades but a certain amount with the %.
Once this happens - Our recovery mode setting kicks in. This is where the magic happens.

While the other trades are still in drawdown - recovery mode will look at the markets in our set algos to determine new trades to help make up for the losses. The equity protector took out and balances all the account at breakeven - once it hits around breakeven - it’ll start trading normal again and recovery mode goes off automatically.

A lot of coding and designing behind the scenes to make this happen. No other system in the world has what we have at automated capital.

Now you can fully see what our system can do with equity protector and recovery mode is triggered.


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Envifx provides a system through which groups who want to run pamm can do so, one of which is automated capital.






✅Register with the Official link of ENVIFX
Fill in your details, Click on sign up & Login with your email and password.

✅Go to settings and turn on enable 2FA.
Go to kyc verification and follow the steps to upload your ID and do a facial scan.

✅Once your kyc is approved, go to deposit funds and select the type.
Under 'select a wallet' choose usd.
Under "amount in usd" enter the amount you'd like to deposit.
Click the "redirect me to the payment page" button.
Once your deposit is approved, click on "my accounts” to create p.a.m.m.

✅Under "account type" choose "envifx pamm Investor," choose “usd” in the
“select currency” drop-down selector, then "create account.”
Your new pamm investor account will display.

✅Click on "internal transfer" to move your deposited funds from your wallet to your pamm investor account.
Under "transfer type" select "wallet to metatrader.”
Under "transfer from" select "usd" (which is what your deposited funds should be).
Under "transfer to" select the investor account you just created.

✅Under “amount to transfer" enter the amount you want to move to your automated capital pamm to be traded, then click "request transfer.”

✅It may take some time for the transfer to complete so be patient. There is no need to freak out when you don't see an immediate transfer of funds to your automate capital account. You will see your wallet balance go to "0.00" but it may take 5 to 10 minutes for the funds to show up in your automated capital p.a.m.m investor account.

✅Once your internal transfer to your p.a.m.m is completed you’ll need to register for the automated capital p.a.m.m. service.

✅Start by clicking on “my accounts”:
Next, click the cog-wheel icon to the right of your account type listing.
Click "register an investor account.”

Look for "automated capital" on the list and click “join.”

✅Choose the investment level that you want by clicking the "choose other" button. The minimum investment amounts are specified for each.

✅Under the "investor" section you'll need to enter your pamm log-in credentials which by this time you would have gotten via an email from envifx which includes this data.
For "username" input your “account no:” from that email.
For "password" input your “trader password” (not your "investor password") from that
Click to agree to the terms and then the "invest" button.

✅It may again take some time for the investment to transfer from your envifx p.a.m.m. investor account, into the automated capital trading account.
Once your automated capital investor account is funded from your p.a.m.m, it will automatically start trading whenever the trades occur.
You'll see trade results by going to "my accounts" ==> Click the cog-wheel to the right side of your pamm Investor account listing.



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